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How to Make Your Kitchen Childproof

One of the most important kitchen safety tips for parents is to make sure their kitchen is childproof. This can be as easy as adding cabinet locks or drawer locks, but there are many other ways to do it too. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a kitchen that’s safe for children so you can cook without worrying about them getting into trouble!

Keep all glassware and breakables on high shelves or in cabinets

One of the kitchen safety tips for parents is to keep all breakables and glassware on high shelves or in cabinets. This will ensure that no matter how much your child tries, they won’t be able to reach them when you’re not looking!

Put away any cleaning supplies that are out

-Put away any cleaning supplies that are out making sure to lock them up if possible.

-Clean up after yourself – don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around

-Get rid of clutter around the house, including old clothes, shoes, and books

-Add an outdoor rug to create more space for relaxing outside

Install a child safety gate at the top of the stairs and another one at the bottom of the stairs

Install a child safety gate at the top of the stairs and another one at the bottom of the stairs to prevent kids from going up or down.

-Install gates on kitchen cabinets in order to avoid any dangerous kitchen accidents

-Cover outlets, light switches, and stove handles with protectors

-Use a safety gate for your basement door if you have children that are old enough to go into it

-Do not keep medications near anything else in the kitchen such as food or utensils

Make sure your stove is turned off when you’re not using it

Ensure your stove is shut down when you are not using it. This will make sure your kitchen is not a danger zone for little fingers and toes that might be in the kitchen when you are cooking or cleaning up.

Cover outlets with outlet cover so children can’t insert anything into them

This is important that you put an outlet cover on any kitchen outlets that you don’t want children to touch. This will make sure they can not insert anything into the outlet and potentially cause a fire.

Place all knives and sharp objects in a drawer with a lock

Sharp objects can be dangerous for children. Keep your kitchen knives, scissors, and other sharp objects in a drawer with a lock to keep them out of the hands of children that may not know better than to touch them.

Remove breakable items from the countertops

Breakable items should be removed from kitchen countertops that children can get to. If you have a lot of breakable items in your kitchen, put them high up on the shelves or inside cabinets so they’re out-of-reach for little hands and curious noses.

Cover up any electrical outlets that are not being used

Any electrical outlets that are not being used should be covered up with a plastic cover. You can buy these at any department store, and it will keep your kitchen safe for you and your little ones.

Install childproof locks on cabinets where you store dangerous substances like cleaning supplies or chemicals

  • Install kitchen cabinet locks to keep cabinets closed. This prevents your child from opening the doors and getting access to these items that can be poisonous, harmful, or dangerous. You may want to install locks on other household kitchen cabinets as well for extra security measures.

Put away anything that is small enough to be swallowed, including coins, buttons, beads, and magnets

  • Put kitchen knives out of reach
  • Remove anything else sharp from the kitchen, such as can openers, glassware, and other kitchen tools
  • Cover electrical outlets with outlet plugs or covers so small objects cannot fit inside them. – Consider installing window guards to keep children away from windows that are too high off the ground for a child to jump up on and catch hold of something they shouldn’t.

Keep cooking tools out of reach

  • Move kitchen utensils and appliances that children may want to play with, such as the blender or food processor, out of reach.
  • Consider installing a kitchen island to keep things off of countertops flat surfaces where they are more easily accessible for curious hands. Teach your kids that they are not allowed in there

The kitchen is the most dangerous room in your house. This is because it contains a number of things that kids are not allowed to touch without adult supervision, and there’s usually no clear way to know which ones these are at any given time. In order to make sure that you don’t have an accident on your hands when you turn around from cooking dinner for one second (or even just walking into another room), remember this general rule: anything with sharp edges or points can cause harm if handled inappropriately. That includes knives, pots, pans, hot pads – everything!


If you’re looking for childproofing tips, we hope this post has helped! We’ll be back next week with more helpful information. In the meantime, leave a comment below about your experience with our recommendations and any additional thoughts or questions that might help another parent in need of kitchen safety advice.

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